The hotel is located in the center of the cosmopolitan yet traditional Greek village, Arachova, on the slopes of the Parnassos mountain range. Arachova is wonderful retreat at ay time of the year, but it also happens to be the most popular ski resort in Greece. The village offers picturesque alleyways, undisturbed by the passage of time, with shops, restaurants and bars all mingled to offer a memorable stay to its visitors. 

Arachova is also very close (15 minutes by car) to the important archaeological site of Delphi. 





Archaeological Site Delphi
Delphi was a Temple, sanctuary & a tomb and was one of the most important oracles of the Ancient Greek world, that of Pythian Apollo, as well as other important sanctuaries.
 During the Mycenaean period, the female deity of Earth was worshipped in the small settlement of Delphi. The development of the sanctuary and oracle though, began in the 8th century B.C. with the establishment of the cult of Apollo. Under the protection and administration of the Amphictyony, the sanctuary continued to be autonomous and as a result, increased its panhellenic religious and political influence.
In the 3rd century B.C. it came under the domination of the Aetolians and later, in 191 B.C., was conquered by the Romans. With the spread of Christianity, the sanctuary lost its religious meaning and was permanently closed down with a decree of emperor Theodosius the Great. 

Archaeological Museum of Delphi
The first museum of Delphi was built in 1903 and was finally completed in 1980. The museum is actually an integral part of the sanctuary and contains exclusively finds from the site of Delphi, mostly offerings and architectural parts. 


Parnassos Ski Center

The Ski Center on Parnassos is situated at an altitude of about 1.600-2.300m and it is the biggest and best-organized ski-resort in Greece. Parnassos has been the first preference by the Athenians (since it is actually 180 kms far) as well as for other skiers and snowboarders who warm its tracks on weekdays but particularly during the weekend. Parnasos Ski Center, has twenty tracks of 14 km total length.
At the same time its infrastructure is such which facilitates quick service for a great number of visitors and skiers. It is ideal for families as well as ski lovers, who wish to enjoy the pleasures of skiing in combination with a memorable lunch with captivating mountain views. 


Monastery of Hossios Loukas

The Monastery of Hosios Loukas, one of the finest 11th century Byzantine monuments in Greece, is set on a picturesque slope on the western foothills of Mount Helikon. The monastery complex consists of a group of two churches, flanked by cells and ancillary buildings. It is protected by an enclosure wall with towers at the corners. It seems highly likely that it was built at the initiative of the emperor Romanos 11 (959-963). Its architecture, pioneering in Greece at the time, is that of the complex tetrastyle church, widely found in Constantinople. Since 1990 the monument is included in the UNESCO list of properties & World Heritage List.